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Bexton Immuplus Syrup 100ml


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Category: Antibody and immune system

Classification: HERBAL THERAPY

Presentation: Syrup

Targeted species: Feline (Cat), Canine (Dog)

Pack size: 100ml Composition


  • To optimize vaccinal response with different vaccines such as canine distemper,parvovirus,canine hepatitis,feline leukemia.
  • To maintain normal immune system function and strong defences
  • To potentiate the antibiotic therapy and to help avoid recurrence of infection and secondary infections
  • For early recovery from viral and bacterial infections surgery,burn injury,multiple trauma,chronic wasting diseasea,multi-drug resistant,T.B etc
  • To maintain immune status with unavoidable prolonged use of corticosteroids in arthritis,allergic respiratory and skin conditions.
  • Inimmuno-compromised conditions such as canine distemper,leukemia,advanced age,etc.

Recommended dose: Pups, Small dogs, Kittens, Cats: 5ml-8ml Dogs: 10ml-15ml

Direction for use: To be given orally, once or twice daily, depending on the severity of the conditions for 10 days or more as required


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