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EcoBed 10 Liter Pet Cat Litter


NAME: EcoBed

Category: Pet Cat Litter

Classification: 100% biodegradable

Presentation: Palm oil empty fruit bunch

Targeted species: Feline (Cat)

Pack size: 10 Liter


  • High absorption of moisture, high speed dry for any wet element in contact make it very effective odor control
  • Zero dust tracking and sticking on paws
  • Non-Clumping pet litter (the cat stool will be dried in no time due to super high water absorption, just disposed the cat stool only)
  • Recommended for indoor and outdoor pet
  • Dispose as high quality Fertilizer
  • Dark brown color, naturally popular within many pets as it look like natural habitat.
  • Selective lab tested ingredient 100% natural to produce this product, creating the balance and no stress environment which will awaken your pet beauty.

Direction for use:

  • Introduce on day first 1 scoop EcoBed pet Litter only into current pet litter.
  • Increase another scoop every 1 or 2 day until your pet get comfortable. Remember sudden change will stress your cat.
  • In the span of 2 week, gradually increase EcoBed pet litter and reduce the existing cat litter.
  • When you see your pet comfortable happy using EcoBet pet litter, then mission accomplished. Thank you for saving our planet.


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