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ProviCal.Pet Organic Calcium for Pets 200ml


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NAME: ProviCal.Pet

Category: Organic Calcium Minerals Salt with MCHC more bio availability

Presentation: Syrup

Targeted species: Feline (Cat), Canine (Dog)

Pack size: 200ml

Ingredients : For each 20ml contains Calcium – 350mg Phosphorus – 280mg Vitamin D3 – 1600IU Vitamin B12 – 20 mcg Contains approved flavours and coloring agents


  • As a calcium supplement in pets
  • As a supplement in pregnant & lactating bitches, as it helps in remineralisation of bone during lactation
  • Stimulates fracture healing
  • Contains protein which help in physical growth & tissue repair

Direction for use:

  • Puppies – 5ml twice a day
  • Adults Dog – 10ml twice a day
  • Cat – 2.5ml twice a day
  • Pet birds – 10 to 15ml / 100birds
  • or as directed by the Veterinarian Pour directly to mouth
  • or mash in the food.


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