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Skinheal Herbal Spray 100ml


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NAME: Skinheal Herbal Spray

Category:  Injury and Skin Problem

Classification: HERBAL THERAPY

Presentation: Spray

Pack size: 100ml

Targeted species: Feline (Cat), Canine (Dog) and Pets


  • Comprehensive management of skin affections.
  • Maggotted wounds
  • Foot rot in sheep.
  • Burns & other injuries.
  • Sinuses & Fistulae.
  • Sores & Fissures.
  • Yoke & Rope Gall.
  • Pox lesions.
  • Pyoderma.
  • Ringworm
  • Dermatomycosis
  • Degnella
  • All types of mange
  • All other types of wound


  • Prepared from the extracts and oils of selected natural plant and is formulated in unique spray form.
  • Naturally safe and does not cause toxicity which is commonly associated with synthetic chemicals, it does not cause damage to skin tissues.
  • Pleasant smell, nice yellow color to maintain identification of sprayed areas and pressured aerosol spray system make it unique for practioners and farmers of moderm age.

Benefits :

  • Promotes fast healing of all kinds of wounds.
  • Facilitates quick recovery from fungal and bacterial skin infections.
  • Helps to kill and expel maggots and quick healing of maggotted wounds and FMD associated foot-lesions.
  • Helps complete recovery from all types of mange with effect against all stages of mites including eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults.
  • Effectively controls inflammation, pain, burning sensation and itching.
  • Keeps flies away from wounds to prevent myasis and cross infections.

Direction for use: Shake well before use and spray SKIN HEAL in sufficient quantity once daily on the wounds and twice daily on affected areas in othe skin affections till complete recovery. If wound or skin lesions is unclean it may be first cleaned with SKIN HEAL spray soaked cotton( or sodium chloride) and then usual spraying may be done on the wound or affected areas. In deep maggotted wounds, SKIN HEAL spray soaked cotton gauze should be kept 24 hours to facilitate quick healing.


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